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Bluedigit® Smart i charger is built-in intelligent chip with over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and over-temperature protection,give you a safe environment for both watch and the charger. This magnetic iwatch wireless charger cable only takes 3.5h to fully charge your Apple watch,The watch charger stand offers a fast original charging speed for your Apple watch series 4 3 2 1.

Portable & Stylish

Bluedigit® Smart i charger just plug it into any USB charging devices and charging is on the go! No hassles with cables when it comes to charging.With sleek small and premium construction it greatly saves your space and is portable. You can hang it on your bag thanks to lanyard design or put in in your pocket or wallet and charge your watch at home or where ever you go - in your car, office or hotel. Super compact design allows you to take this power bank with you anywhere. Great for home, office, trips or traveling. Meanwhile, a key ring is attached, so you can clip it to a hook or carbine, or attach it to your key.

Product Spec

Compatible With
Apple 1-4 Version
Input Port
Charging Time
3.5 Hrs
What’s inside the Box!

Coil'05 USB - Apple watch charger

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